Data & Networking

On Point IT specialise in providing the following services:

  • Hybrid Network Solutions
  • Network Device Management
  • Network Connectivity and Ongoing Management
  • Online Security Services

We will work with you to tailor a solution that will solve your IT issue and one that is in line with your business capabilities.

Your Trusted Technology Partner

We’re here for you every step of the way 

Whatever your business IT requirements are, we can work with you to plan, design and implement the right network solution to ensure speed and connectivity.

We assess the performance of your network and provide an affordable and scalable solution that is in line with your organisations requirements.

We provide an ongoing support service for your staff no matter what the IT issue or query is about.


Where to from here?

The professional team at On Point IT are here provide you and your business with a flexible and tailored made strategy to suit your organisations IT requirements.

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How we Help 

The fast paced world of IT changes daily. Our job at On Point IT is to make sure we are constantly abreast of what is happening in the cyber world with regards to data and networking. Rest assured our trained experts will tailor the right IT solution for your business.

Hybrid Network Solutions

On Point IT can provide your business with a range of hybrid network solutions. Our services include the set up and management of a secure hybrid network. We take the time to look at your current hybrid infrastructure and assess the requirements of your staff. We provide the best It solution for your organisation and applications to improve the performance of your network.

Network Device Management

Our highly qualified team of IT experts will manage your network device requirements so you can spend more time doing the job you are meant to be doing. Network device management is time consuming and very technical if you don’t know what you are doing. We will save you time and money by managing your organisations network devices, securely and with the aim of improving your business outputs. 

Network Connectivity and Ongoing Management

Whatever your IT business requirements, On Point IT have the expertise and experience to set up and manage your network connectivity.  We are in the business of knowing everything there is to know about internet security and network performance capabilities. We will operate as your trusted IT business partner and ensure your business IT operates at an optimum capacity.

Online Security Services

With so many businesses operating and transacting online, security is paramount when it comes to protecting your major assets.  On Point IT are across the latest products and services when it comes to online network security.  You can feel confident and secure knowing that we will provide reliable, safe and robust protection for all your IT business operations.


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With an experienced team that thrives on all things IT, we’re able to offer a diverse range of services and products to meet the information technology and telecommunications needs of any organisation.

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What Makes Us Different


Our team of highly trained IT experts have a wealth of skills and experience when it comes to the digital world. We are continuously updating our knowledge to ensure we deliver you the latest in network and infrastructure products and services. On Point IT is your trusted IT support partner.





We are more than a 'one stop shop'. On Point IT are your reliable and trusted IT service provider. We will partner with your business to manage everything from set up to the ongoing management of your network, connectivity, infrastructure and security requirements.


On Point IT will take care of all your current and ongoing hosting, licencing and technology requirements.  We keep up to date on all the latest trends when it comes software and hardware and ensure your business is equipped with the right IT tools for now and the future.


Whatever your IT business requirements, we will tailor a solution that is manageable, affordable and flexible. We provide onsite and offsite IT support and will scale our services to meet your business requirements no matter what your individual organisation needs are.


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